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 Overview & History
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What is an Interactive Module?

What are they and how are they used

WWILD Team Concept Paper
by Lloyd Rieber

The Best Archive
of Graduate Student Multimedia

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World Wide Interactive Learning Design Team

The WWILD Team

An Online Community of Teachers, Parents, Students, and Software Developers Promoting Experiential Learning

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  • Search the WWILD Team database for interactive software
  • Submit web site addresses of excellent interactive software you have found on the Internet (or created) to the database
  • Submit your own reviews of interactive software you find the database

Try to imagine the entire world as one big team dedicated to designing and evaluating the best interactive learning experiences for all people. Anyone can join the team -- teachers, parents, students, software developers, etc. -- anyone with a real interest in helping people learn through the power of interactivity. The WWILD Team web site tries to make this possible by letting everyone search and contribute to a database of links to interactive software on the Internet. This is also a place where all members can evaluate interactive software and share their reviews for other members to read and consider. By joining together we can become an online community dedicated to interactive learning!

The WWILD Team looks for special kinds of interactive software that we call interactive modules. An interactive module, similar to any reusable learning object, is any self-contained, short, interactive experience that is relevant to school-based learning -- they are not lessons, but resources for lessons and learning. The Internet is full of them, ranging from small simulations to games to drills. The difficulty is finding the best ones and letting others know about them. The WWILD Team database is designed to do just that. It's a place for members to let others know what they have found by organizing the modules by type, content area, intended audience, and lots more. This is also a place for non-commercial software developers to share their work (see The Best Archive for information about a partnership of universities dedicated to sharing graduate student-created educational multimedia).

WWILD Team members can also contribute to the definition of "quality" by sharing their evaluations, or even just stories, of their experiences using the modules. As teachers search for methods of integrating technology into their classroom strategies, this database can become an invaluable resource. It allows teachers to better use their valuable time by providing a single place to find technology resources necessary to complement their creative lesson plan energies. By having students and parents contribute as well, we can bridge the gaps between school, home, work, and play.

The WWILD Team web site is offered free of charge to the educational community. It is sponsored and hosted by the Department of Educational Psychology & Instructional Technology at the University of Georgia.

The WWild Team...

  • promotes experiential learning.
  • takes advantage of the growth, scale, and accessibility of the World Wide Web.
  • imagines the world as one big design team to bring together students, parents, teachers, and developers.

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