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 Overview & History
of the WWILD Team concept

What is an Interactive Module?

What are they and how are they used

WWILD Team Concept Paper
by Lloyd Rieber

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World Wide Interactive Learning Design Team

Overview of the
WWILD Team Model


The purpose of the WWILD Resource is to establish a database of web-based interactive learning modules that can be used and shared at no cost to all non-profit schools, parents, and students of all ages. The WWILD Resource takes advantage of the decentralized features of the world wide web in order to harness the diverse skills and efforts of educators all over the world.

The WWILD Team web site also provides a way for teachers, parents, and students to submit their own reviews of modules. In this way, we hope to promote a community of people interested in improving the use of the Internet for learning.


Here is the mission of the WWILD Team:

  • Maintain a reliable and easy-to-use database of reusable web-based interactive modules for all domains of study appropriate for people of all ages;
  • Promote a philosophy of learning based on meaningful, purposeful, and direct experiences in a domain.
  • Promote the development of interactive modules that can be easily embedded into a lesson by teachers or used directly by students for their own learning goals.
  • Create a virtual community where teachers, parents, and students can voice their opinions of characterstics of quality learning resources on the Internet.


We imagine the entire world as one big team dedicated to designing and evaluating educational experiences for all people. Our goal is to harness this effort by organizing a collection of interactive modules that support and promote a common design framework and learning philosophy. All team members -- teachers, parents, students -- are able to evaluate any module in the database, thus creating a virtual community where all thoughtful opinions are shared and valued. The result is a database of quality reusable interactive modules and member reviews that can be used by anyone with access to the world wide web. We envision teachers incorporating these modules into their lessons, parents using the modules to help their children, as well as students accessing the modules directly.