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 Overview & History
of the WWILD Team concept

What is an Interactive Module?

What are they and how are they used

WWILD Team Concept Paper
by Lloyd Rieber

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World Wide Interactive Learning Design

What are they and how are they used?

What are plug-ins?
Plug-ins are software programs that allow your web browser to do things
it would not otherwise be able to do. Plug-ins allow you to view movies, hear music,
and play interactive games and simulations.

How do I install a plug-in?
If your computer is relatively new, it is likely you already have most of the most popular plug-ins. But, if you come across a web site where the activity doesn't seem to work, you will need to learn how to install the plug-in into your web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer or Netscape). Fortunately, the best sites make this easy for you by giving you easy instructions along with the links to get the plug-in. Most plug-ins will install themselves with the click of a button or two.

It's very important to read the installation instructions provided at each plug-ins download site, but here are the basic steps:

  1. At the download site, select the correct operating system for your
    computer (MacOS, Windows 98, etc.)
  2. Print the instructions for downloading provided at the site so that you
    can refer to them as you download.
  3. Click the proper download button, select the location or directory
    where you want to save your plug-in (some browsers have a specific
    folder for plug-ins), make a note of where the plug-in is being saved,
    and click "save". Download times vary depending upon the plug-in.
  4. Exit your browser, find the plug-in file you saved, double-click to
    open the file, double-click on the install icon, and follow the
    standard installation instructions.
  5. Restart your browser and you're ready to begin!