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If you have game templates you've developed and would like to share them, send them to Lloyd Rieber for review and possible inclusion on this page.

Templates - Free to copy!


This template provides a good generic shell for starting a game. It includes the following slides: Title, story, directions, game preparation, game pieces, play the game, objectives, credits, copyright.

Two simple templates for making questions that link to right and wrong feedback.Both make it easy to create questions that link to right and wrong feedback.

Answers to questions are put inside hyperlinked buttons (simpler to use)

Answers to questions are in text field and hyperlinked buttons are placed next to text (harder to use, but looks better)


Remember: Teachers and students are free to adapt or customize any PPT game in the WWILD Team database. So, in a sense, any existing PPT game you find here can act as a template.

All PPT Games in the WWILD Team Database Must Have These Mandatory Slides

All PowerPoint games submitted to the WWILD Team need to include the following slides to ensure consistency.

Credits - Each PowerPoint game must include a credits slide containing the names, email addresses, and affiliations of the game's designers. As a game is modified or adapted, the names, email addresses, and affiliations of the new designers are added to the credits page. Do not delete any names from this page. This ensures that proper credit is given to all designers over the life and evolution of a game.

Game Directions - Each PowerPoint game must include appropriate and complete directions on how to play the game. The directions must be written well enough to explain how to explain the game to new players. If the game requires the building of game boards, spinners, etc., directions on how to build these game elements must likewise be included. Think of writing game directions as a wonderful language arts activity for students!

Materials List - Each PowerPoint game must include a complete list of all other materials needed to play the game, such as dice, playing cards, string, cardboard, etc. As already mentioned, if any of these elements must be constructed, appropriate and complete directions need to be included.