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Concept Paper

PPT Games in Action

A short paper outlining the background and rationale behind this project

Click here for a slideshow video (.wmv) made by Mary Forehand of students at Kanoheda Elementary School (Georgia) creating homemade PowerPoint Games (works best with Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player).

All students appearing in this video have received written permission from their parents for this video to be posted on the Internet.

Homemade PowerPoint Games, Phase 1: Building an infrastructure

This project is just beginning. As part of Phase 1, The WWILD Team is looking for innovative and creative teachers to help us build an extensive web site of resources and examples. We are looking for teachers working with their students to contribute PowerPoint games with the following characteristics:

To contribute a PowerPoint game, you first upload it to a web site, then submit a description of it along with its web address to the WWILD Team. Use the module category "PowerPoint game" as part of the description.