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This page will grow over the coming months! If you have resources you've developed and would like to share them, or if you know of web sites with great resources, send them to Lloyd Rieber for review and possible inclusion on this page. Please only send sites you know are worth the time for educators to visit.

Introducing PPT Games

Other PPT Games Websites

PPT about PowerPoint Games

Here is a PPT slideshow created by Lloyd Rieber & Gretchen Thomas to introduce the concept of Homemade PowerPoint games. Look for an audio version narrated by Lloyd Rieber to come soon.

Video of Students Making Homemade PPT Games

Click here for a slideshow video (.wmv) made by Mary Forehand of students at Kanoheda Elementary School (Georgia) creating homemade PowerPoint Games (works best with Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player).

All students appearing in this video have received written permission from their parents for this video to be posted on the Internet.

Flash Tutorial for Teacher about Homemade PowerPoint Games

Click here to view a Flash tutorial created by Seow Chong Wong that discusses what are PowerPoint Games, why you should consider them, and how you can use them in your classroom.


University of North Carolina - Charlotte

This website is maintain by Drew Polly, an Assistant Professor at UNC-Charlotte. It contains links to games created by his students as a part of their elementary education program.

Dr. Jeff Ertzberger's EdGames Site at UNCW

A great website for any teacher wanting to integrate gaming into the curriculum.

More PPT Game Templates

A Web site of PPT game templates meant just for teachers.


Evaluating PPT Games

PPT Game Evaluation Rubric

This rubric (HTML) was created by Drew Polly to evaluate PPT games developed in our pre-service educational computing courses at the University of Georgia.


Job Aids

Help Videos

Creating Action Buttons in PowerPoint (HTML / DOC / PDF) - Gretchen Thomas & Michael Barbour

Bloom's Taxonomy (DOC / PDF)

Bloom's Taxonomy Guide to Writing Questions (DOC / PDF)

Question Frames for Developing Higher-Level Questions (DOC / PDF)

Creating a Rubric (DOC / PDF)

Creating PowerPoint game headquarters (Windows Media Player needed) - Dawn Rauscher

Creating Questions for PowerPoint games (Windows Media Player needed) - Dawn Rauscher

Giving feedback on PowerPoint games (Windows Media Player needed) - Dawn Rauscher

Short Movie on how to create simple animation with PPT (Windows Media Player needed) - Lloyd Rieber

Short Movie on how to create a hyperlink (Windows Media Player needed) - Lloyd Rieber


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